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How Many Hot Dramas supported by VAXIS Storm in 2016?

Source: Release date:20/01/2017General view:286

Vaxis has become one of the industry standards for wireless video transmission systems in China. Vaxis offer robust solutions for when you looking to transmit your video signal to a wireless, whether for providing a separate monitor for client viewing, director viewing and/or your camera is situated where running a cable isn’t practical, such as when sat on a gimbal, high out of reach or across a long distance.

By now, above 65% of video,tv,film makers/studios in use Vaxis Storm in China, and won good reputation from customers. So, let's get back to the topic, how many well-known hot dramas shot with Vaxis Storm in the past year? there is a list,take a look!

Ode to Joy 


The series is about five modern women who live on the 22nd floor of an apartment complex called "Ode to Joy" in Shanghai. Each with their unique personality and lifestyle, the five woman have different backgrounds including their age, social status, personality and careers. Their relationships were initially rocky, but eventually they became good friends and neighbours. Together, they navigate their career and love life, solving problems and growing more resilient.[2]  

The Journey of Flower    


The Journey of Flower is a 2015 Chinese television series drama based on the fictional novel of the same Chinese name written by Fresh Guoguo. The novel was first released online and refers to the Daoist legends regarding the path to immortality.

Nirvana in Fire


During the great unrest of 4th-century China, war breaks out between the feudal Northern Wei and Southern Liang dynasties. General Lin Xie of Liang takes his only 17-year-old son, Lin Shu (Hu Ge), into battle and successfully fights off the hostile Wei army. But when a political rival frames General Lin Xie, it causes the deaths of 70,000 Chiyan army soldiers. Lin Shu is able to escape with his life with the help of a loyal subordinate. Twelve years later, Lin Shu establishes the Jiangzuo Alliance and returns to the capital as the Chief Mei Changsu. When the Northern Wei forces mount another attack, to what lengths will Mei Changsu go to protect his own people? “Nirvana in Fire” is a 2015 Mainland drama series directed by Kong Sheng and Li Xue. 

General and I


When the mansion of Prince Jiang'an is under attack and destroyed overnight, He Xia and his attendant Bai Pingting are forced to flee the Kingdom of Yan. They get separated, and Pingting takes refuge in a monastery where she meets the powerful general Chu Beijie of the Kingdom of Jin. He recognizes her as his childhood first love. However, their situation renders this relationship a difficult one as they are from opposing kingdoms

The legend of Miyue    


Mi Yue, daughter of King Wei of Chu, was the first stateswoman in the history of China. The drama details her turbulent life, as Mi Yue becomes a concubine, gets separated her from first love Huang Xie, is banished, and eventually rises to power as the first Empress Dowager in China’s history.

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