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Variety Show Up Idol Season 2,produced by Hunan TV, directed by top-famed producer group of Hunan TV which is led by Ruhan CHEN, casts on super idols' life experience enrichments. Popular Chinese stars,Angie Chiu,Carina Lau,Karen Mok, Joe Chen,Yiyan Jiang, Na Xie and Ming Xi are invited as the fixed guests and are drawn great attentions.

Vaxis Storm wireless also be here to support, enjoy the BTS.

All Vaxis Storm wireless models are multicast capable up to 6 receivers of the same range at the same time. This means you can send your video feed to monitors, switchers, recorders simultaneously with no loss in quality or added delay. 

Vaxis Storm also support up to 8 sets working simultaneously. so that you can shoot with 8 cameras in the same place.

Besides, All Vaxis Storm wireless models can work with each other, For example, Vaxis SL1620 1200ft TX can work with Vaxis Storm 1000ft RX perfectly. 

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