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Full Metal Jacket, Strong wear-resisting Top quality antennas of Taiwan

New design all-metal fuselage,better protection and comfortable touch. professional broadband antenna from Taiwan,gain of antenna up to 5dbi.

Integrated receiver

built-in antenna of receiver, integrated receiver. easier to carry, packing with professional air case,which can hold 1TX+2RX.

Provide SDI/HDMI transmission mode Fulfill various demand

The transmitter provide SD/3G/HD SDI input and HDMI input, meanwhile the receiver provide SD/3G/HD SDI output and HDMI output.

One transmitting & Multi-receiving Optional frequency channel

Work in 5.1-5.9GHz frequency band,The side panel of both transmitter and receiver have been installed a frequency switcher, which provides maximum 10 workable frequency channels, and supports maximum 4 sets working simultaneously.
the transmitting power ≤ 63mW,no radiant harm to human body.

Movement in film immerses the audience in the action and gives a more genuine cinematic experience.
At GM-innovations, we emphasize high-effective and stabilized performance,
and channel these to create ground breaking products.