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What features you prefer most with a wireless transmission system? 

Last month, we did a investigation among Cinematographers, the topic is the function of wireless transmission systems.

What is the most important feature to a Cinematographers, well, let's see!

Which you prefer most with a wireless transmission system? (Multiple)

A. Distance
B. Compression
C. Time delay
D. Timecode
E. Tally
F. Intercom
H. Metadata
I. Stability& Reliability
J. Else


Below are the comments:

Carey Lee Coffey K. LOW PRICE! Teradek is crazy expensive. 

Ryan Campbell In order: C, I, A, B, K, H, D 

Travis MacRitchie IABC... after that nothing much

Joseph Labisi a/c

Shadi Abu Sharar I prefer all of them

Chris Bolton For me, It's stability, Color/contrast accuracy, range , meta data support, robustness and configured to be compact and clean for mounting and powering.

We can see the distance,delay and stability& reliability are filmmakers' most concern, but which wireless solution can meet their needs? must at affordable price, with minimum latency, high definition, excellent performance, Here Vaxis brings their Storm 1200ft, features as below:

  • Range: 1200 foot
  • Rapid Reconnect: Yes
  • Input/Output: 3G-SDI & HDMI
  • Resolution/Framerate: up to 1080/60p
  • TX HDMI/SDI Convertor: Yes
  • Latency: <0.001 Seconds
  • Multicast: Up to 6 RX
  • Metadata Support: Yes
  • Power: 4 pin Lemo 6.5-16.8V DC
  • Size: (TX)120x 70 x 25mm  (RX)160x 110 x 25mm
  • Weight TX/RX: 380g/540g

This is the most famous wireless video device in China, BTS:


We can see the Vaxis Storm 1200ft being suitable for many applications due to its small form factor and HDMI/SDI cross compatibility, and I’m sure it will prove to be a popular product with hire companies.

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