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Vaxis Storm 1000+ Now Available with Special Pre-Order Pricing

Vaxis is proud to announce the introduction of an exciting new player in the world of wireless video devices - Vaxis Strom 1000+

Longer range, more reliable, and smaller than ever before, the Storm 1000+ is the new standard in LONG range Quality&Affordable zero delay wireless transmission.


Main features:

 1. 1000ft+(300m+) Stable working distance.
 2. Video transmission & Audio communication.
 3. Less than 0.001s latency, no compression. 
 4. TX: SDI In & Loop out.
 5. RX: SDI Out x2, HDMI Out x1.
 6. Signal indicators for wireless power status, Temperature, Video status and receiver RSSI, useful OLED display and channel setting by tact switch.
 7. Mounting: Optional Sony U-30 / Canon LP-E6 / Sony NP-970 battery plates.
 8. Time code supported.

 9. USB firmware upgrade.

10. All-metal housing, durable.

 11. Pure hardware connection; Plug and Play. 


The new Vaxis Storm 1000+ transmitters are 40% smaller than the previous 1000ft but are still ruggedly built.

Only when you hold it you'd realize how small it is!!


Regarding the Display, 1000+ use OLED screen, it's lighter and enjoys excellent viewing angles. with Real body

temperature display ensure precise and reliable temperature. moreover, you can press the green button to adjust fan speed.


Mount the 1000+ receiver to the Vaxis Monitoring Cage, watch your videos on-the-go! 

The Storm 1000+ is a guaranteed performance beast. The workmanship involved is also an accumulated effort of our dreams. It's the most perfect Vaxis wireless systems so far.

Storm 1000+ MSRP $2,999, You will get the complete 1000+ system that includes:
● 1x unit transmitter

● 1x unit receiver

● 7x 5GHz Vaxis sword antennas

● 1x 7“Articulating magic arm

● 1x SDI cable 

● 2x DC convert cable (LEMO 2 pin-male to D-Type*receptacle)

 ● 1x User manual 

● 1x Vaxis flight case


To secure your spot in line, however, you should deposit $500 that are 100% refundable until the product ships. The remaining balance regarding your order plus shipping should paid before shipment.

Furthermore, if you want to test out the Storm 1000+ before you place a pre-order, you’ll be able to do so at NAB @Vaxis Booth C2033

Not at NAB how to pre-order?
Please email julie.vaxis@gmail.com | Vaxis.usa@gmail.com

Tel:001-757-5897518    +86 731-83998739 E-mail:info@vaxis.cn