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Introduce Vaxis star product of 2018, Storm 058 monitor.

Introduce Vaxis star product of 2018, Storm 058 monitor. 


A vehicle commercial ad

Typical situation for handhold monitor, the director and DP always need walking around and direct scenes, and most of directors prefer to observe the vehicle moving by close look, compare with the image in real time but not sitting behind the screen. 

Also, after a shot taken, the director often need to assemble the crew for playback and adjustment.

In this case, the shooting started from 7:00 am to 6:00 am next day, it could be a challenge for the director and DP to just hold if it wasnt Storm 058 monitor.

The deputy director got a huge bonus from 058 monitor since he need monitoring the image while hiding behind the backseat, with the small size of the monitor and no cable limitation, he was able to have a comfortable position without exposure to camera.


A beverage commercial ad

Crews always catch every minute for outdoor shootings.

Each second matters, each illustration and each adjustment matters, which is why the director will sit as close to the scene as he can, the monitor hood and wrist band are lovely accessories this case like this.


Comments from scenes:


This could be the lightest wireless solution so far, back before, I have to use a cage fit with a receiver and monitor, and a 1.5m cable with a battery on my waist  ----A director


Still can be improved on the screen, but definitely good enough for focus puller, considering it quite portable, I wont use other equipment for moving camera   ----A focus puller

With all the necessary features centralized in this one, plus Vaxis has good and stable signal. Focus pulling is always under heavy pressure, especially when shooting a big star, signal or image problem could be the worst thing to happen  ----A focus puller

Battery endurance is one important thing we care about, this monitor can last for 2-3 hours, which is basically enough, and those small batteries are easy to bring   ----An equipment manger

Introduce Vaxis full range wireless solution set, up to 3000ft signal transmission range, for director, DP, and focus puller. 


Vaxis, your wireless power. 

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