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Long Range Wireless Video with Internal Antennas – Vaxis Storm 1000ft Announced

Source: Release date:19/01/2017General view:362

Vaxis has announced a new long range wireless video system. The Vaxis Storm 1000ft keeps the high-end build quality factor of the Storm 1200ft, but with internal antennas at range of an impressive 1000-foot distance, as well as offering HDMI/SDI conversion.

The Storm 1000ft is, however, still placed in Vaxis’s long range category, a product that will favour users looking to keep their wireless systems works good at affordable price.

Like all other Storm models, it features up to 1080 60p support, and has a capability of up to 6 receivers.

Other additions include Vaxis’s Rapid Reconnect and a HDMI/SDI cross converter.

Specification list for the Vaxis Storm 1000ft

--- TX: SDI In & Loop out
--- RX: SDI Out x2, HDMI Out x1
--- Resolution/Framerate: up to 1080/60p
--- TX HDMI/SDI Convertor: Yes
--- Latency: <0.001 Seconds
--- Multicast: Up to 6 RX
--- Metadata Support: Yes
--- Better protection with Built-in antenna on receiver side.
--- Selecting the frequency channel with easy button by bare hands
--- Frequency channel LED display.
--- Micro USB port for firmware upgrading.
--- Time Code 
--- 10 Channels

A single system featuring both HDMI and SDI will retail for $3200.00

Moreover, It's Perfect for Vaxis directors monitor cage ($299.00)! 

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