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Storm 800ft

The Storm 800ft is essential in today's increasingly wireless production world. features uncompressed,
zero delay wireless video in a lightweight and affordable pa

Receiver-Double battery plates desi

The receiver side equiped V-mount/AB-mount plates in the front and back, both receiver and transmitter have been designed to adapt in critical situations and places as well as mounted on conventional broadcast equipment such as traditional film and television cameras, directors monitor, news crews and more…

Input and Output

The transmitter supports: 3G/HD/SD-SDI input ×1 HDMI ×1 The receiver supports:3G/HD/SD-SDI output ×1 HDMI x1 The receiver SDI and HDMI are output simultaneously. If both SDI and HDMI is input to transmitter, the receiver will give priority to output

Vaxis mushroom Antennas

Circular-polarized antennas help mitigate dBi loss from reflections because the polarization does not change when the waves reflect off surfa

The Complete Package

The Storm 800ft ships inside of a durable hard case to make transporting easy. And contains everything you n
Hunan GM Innovation Technology Co., Ltd focused on developing, manufacturing, marketing top quality film industry products, build brand of VAXIS,mian product: video wireless transmission system,camera RC car,etc. All of the products have CE,FCC,RoHs certifications to meet different markets' need.In order to provide better services,we founded the USA office in 2015.